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'Fryderyk Chopin:

Guitar arrangements by Francisco
Tárrega' - Andrea Rollo; buy
or download it at the best sites
'Diaphonia, Volume II':
a collection of new works
composed and played by some
young Italian authors, including
'One Day Suite' by Luciano Rollo.
'Mudarra, Bach and Sor', live
recording by Andrea Rollo.
'Guitar Memories' - Luciano
guitar written music
Suite' original for guitar by
Luciano Rollo; transcriptions
from A. Mudarra (16th century),
G. Frescobaldi, J.H. Kapsberger
(17th century),
I. Albéniz (19th century). 
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Andrea Rollo

©Andrea Rollo 2016

'The guitar is a "knowing" or
"knowlegeable" instrument, with
many limitations but also many
unexplored spaces and depths
within these limits. It possesses
a richness of sound capable of
embracing everything one might
find in a gigantic contemporary
orchestra; but one has to start
from silence in order to notice
this: one has to pause, and
completely exclude noise.,

Hans Werner Henze:
introduction to 'Royal Winter
Music, for guitar (1976).

Pablo Picasso: guitar and